IPA Pilots Association & Union | Aviation Pilots Member Benefits

Members Benefits


Full 1 - £27 per month

Full 2 - £37 per month 

Associate - £78.00 annually

Retired - £30 annually

Student - Free

Union Membership 




24/7 Emergency Contact 




IPA Recognition at Your Workplace




Professional Association Membership



Full Representation In Employment Related Issues




Up To £30,000 Legal Cover for Employment matters




Up to 50% Subscription Claim back




Access To Member Benefits Packages

Skypointer Magazine Subscription

Up to 3-Years Free Membership


Members are responsible for ensuring that we are made aware of any employment dispute/issue as soon as it arises as many claims have strict time limits. Failing to contact us may result in the IPA not being able to represent you. Please note that after joining, a two week wait period applies before you are able to access our legal services.

Member Services & Benefits

Additional products available to members through Air Crew Benefits  

Aviation Jobs 

In addition, we can assist with researching names and contacts for your employment search.  Aviation and Pilot Job Vacancies can be found on our website and social media.


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