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  • 14 Apr 2021

    The Global Travel Taskforce has published its further findings into the safe return to international travel following the 14 recommendations previously made by the GTT.  From the latest offering, it is clear to see why operators are frustrated and are looking at further delays

  • 06 Apr 2021

    Whilst not sitting down to watch Boris Johnson’s announcement yesterday, it is encouraging to read reports that the country is moving ahead with the second phase of the roadmap to bring us out of lockdown from Monday 12th April 2021.  Whilst the Prime Minister is at the pub, there will

  • 15 Mar 2021


  • 03 Mar 2021

    The Chancellor’s measures to protect jobs whilst the covid 19 pandemic continues are welcomed, particularly for the aviation industry which is likely to be the last industry to recover.  However, without specific tailored support to get the UK safely flying again, and a resurge

  • 23 Feb 2021

    Yesterday in the Commons, Theresa May challenged the government’s position in respect of travel, and specifically aviation.  The IPA has been concerned about the Global Travel Taskforce since its inception.  Whilst it was established with good intentions, it seems to be lacking

  • 16 Feb 2021

    As lockdown 3 continues (at the time of writing), there is much media speculation about when measures will ease, and we can start to return to what will undoubtedly be a ‘new normal’.  The vast majority of our members will have been, and many continue to be affected by this pan

  • 19 Jan 2021

    Increasingly, members (generally new members) have told the Independent Pilots Association that we do not promote ourselves enough.  We are pleased that many of our members join by ‘word of mouth’.  Often, when we speak to these members, we find that it is because of a colleagu

  • 13 Jan 2021

    I thought I’d been really careful.  I’d worn a mask and sanitized my hands whenever I’d been handling objects outside my home.  I’d followed all the rules and successfully managed to work in the simulator, in the classroom and stay in hotels provided by my company after the ini

  • 04 Jan 2021

    The UK aviation industry has been decimated by Covid-19, and the effect the virus has had globally.  As at the time of writing, the government has still failed to provide specific, targeted help for this industry, with Grant Shapps et al giving assurances in the Commons on nume

  • 22 Dec 2020

    Many people are asking what they can do to help out through this terrible pandemic. Pilots are generally resilient self-reliant people who can solve problems and take charge in a crisis.


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