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What we think about RyanAir's Pilot Fatigue Statement

The current fallout between Michael O'Leary highlights the mismanagement of the airline, which has previously been reported to us by pilots. We believe that the claim of flying 18 hours per week is misleading. It does the U.K. pilot workforce a disservice, as no reference is made to the pre and post flight duties pilots are required to complete for each sector, the unsocial hours worked, or the long commute times that some pilots face.

Whether long haul or short haul, flying is fatiguing for pilots. That is why there are robust rules in place, designed to protect pilots and the passengers they carry.

It has been stated in the media that Ryanair have already lost over one hundred pilots to Norwegian, a trend likely to continue, albeit perhaps not just to Norwegian going forward, purely as a result of the dissatisfaction felt by pilots as a result of Ryanair's management.

Pilots should be supported in taking the leave to which they are entitled, and if poor management decisions have resulted in the cancellation of flights, pilots simply cannot be expected to step in and solve this problem. Just as in any other industry, the workforce must be able to take the leave to which they are entitled, in line with their employers policy.

Aviation rules should ensure that pilots arrive at work well rested, and free from unnecessary stresses. Flight safety and good working conditions are crucial in securing a safe future for the U.K. Aviation industry. We do not believe that Ryanair will be able to meet the required quota for pilot recruitment in such a short timescale. Even those with the requisite type rating will still need to complete the airline's training programme.

It must be understood that the cancellations of flights, and resignations of pilots from Ryanair are solely as a result of bad decisions at management level, and pilots need the support of their union in addressing the situation.

Our priority is representation and advice for our members, and we ask that our members who fly for Ryanair encourage their colleagues to join us, as a truly independent trade union representing professional pilots across the U.K. Aviation industry."


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