IPA Pilots - Supporting one another in turn helps you

Supporting one another in turn helps you

Many people are asking what they can do to help out through this terrible pandemic. Pilots are generally resilient self-reliant people who can solve problems and take charge in a crisis. Unfortunately many have lost their employment and that, coupled with the need to isolate, can lead to depression and people questioning their self worth. This is the time of our generation's great challenge and we must rise up to do all we can to help one another, so it is my plea to all our members to keep in touch with your colleagues and former colleagues. To reach out to one another and to offer a friendly ear.

If you have time on your hands, make those calls and think about local volunteering. I have been helping out at our local vaccination centre marshaling arrivals and answering questions. There is a shortage of helpers and what you can do may make a real difference and help us all get through.

If you are feeling down with it all please remember it is not a weakness to reach out and ask for help. People are mostly good and will respond positively if you ask.

Finally thanks to you all for your ongoing support and I wish one and all a Happy Christmas and a much better New Year.

Stay safe and call if we can help

Phil Flower

December 2020.


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