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Support for women in aviation

Across all business sectors effort has been made to increase female representation in the workforce, and at all levels. In some businesses there has been success in others, including aviation, too little progress has been made. Women have more than demonstrated that their skills are a match for men on the flight deck, but the barriers faced by all pilots in gaining access to the industry are compounded for women as many still carry most of the burden in raising a family. There is no good reason why women cannot be encouraged in greater numbers to become pilots, it just takes effort and focus.

In 1933 Amelia Earhart was at a white house function when she persuaded Eleanor Roosevelt to creep away from a dinner party and take a night-time flight with her to Baltimore and back, both in their evening dresses and taking turns at the controls. We need more of that spirit. So whilst now is a particularly challenging time for aviation we need to ensure that the future embraces everyone who has the right stuff to fly regardless of their gender.

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