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Drone activity


Recent closures of London Gatwick and Heathrow airports because of ‘Drone’ activity has highlighted the significant danger unmanned remotely controlled aircraft pose to public safety. Around the world drones have also been used as a means of smuggling contraband, carrying out deadly attacks and infringing people’s right to privacy. In the wrong hands they are a potentially lethal weapon.


Whilst the IPA understands the interest and enthusiasm people have for all things associated with flying, we believe that if left unregulated a tragedy will occur. As such, the IPA calls for Government to urgently introduce legislation requiring that


  1. Any person operating a drone in the open air must have attended a suitable training course, be in possession of a certificate confirming their qualification, and be doing so either –
    1. As a member of a licensed club or
    2. For a commercial purpose associated with the persons business or employment, and with a current ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ issued by the CAA


  2. This regulation shall not apply to a drone weighing less than 150gr and used exclusively over and within the confines of a person’s garden or land, or garden or land over which the person has written permission to operate and the drone is operated within the requirements of the ‘Drone Code’ issued by the CAA.


  3. Operating a drone in contravention of these regulations shall be a criminal offence.



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