IPA Pilots - Independent Pilots Association - not just 9 to 5er’s

Independent Pilots Association - not just 9 to 5er’s

We pride ourselves on the services that we offer our pilot union members. Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of your different membership options we offer and will travel the UK (and beyond) to represent your best interests. 

There are staff available between the hours of 9am and 5pm on weekdays to answer your calls and emails regarding membership matters.  Should you need employment advice, we are also at the end of the phone or on email to discuss your situation. Our representatives’ availability isn’t however limited to office hours and they take calls and answer emails whenever it is necessary (even on holiday if it is urgent!) The team is normally available early morning and into the evening as we acknowledge that the aviation industry is not simply 9 to 5, so we adjust our working hours accordingly.  

Travel time when representing members is normally spent reviewing the case and preparing for the meeting. Members are often already at the meeting venue when we arrive and on some occasions, we have been met off flights by our pilot association members, eager to discuss their case with us.

All of our staff members are trained to provide the most efficient service to our airline pilots association members. Representatives also undertake bespoke training to ensure that complex legal matters can be dealt with, often involving pre-reading, research and case analysis, chronologies and in some cases, skeleton arguments.   

Our office-based staff provide valuable support to enable representatives the flexibility to be where they need to be to represent members, as the nature of representation work means that it is not possible to be a 9 to 5er.  We firmly believe that one way or another, our members should be able to promptly speak to someone at the IPA, whatever their query. 



The Independent Pilots (Financial Services)

The Independent Pilots (Financial Services) Ltd was set up for the IPA and are specialist Chartered Financial Planners dedicated to providing the very best tailored advice for our members.

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