IPA Pilots - Flybmi Collapse

Flybmi Collapse

The collapse of Flybmi has been blamed on many things including the usual suspects of insufficient demand, fuel cost and of course Brexit. We do not know how much influence each of these may have had on the demise of this well-respected airline but what we can say is that this is symptomatic of the industry and analogous with the situation facing high street shops.

Technology has not only changed aircraft design it has also changed the way we shop and its use in marketing particularly favours large brands. What we are now seeing is an emerging dominance of large airlines who leverage modern marketing techniques to achieve brand ascendency to the detriment of small independent operators. For smaller aviation businesses to survive they need to have a unique selling point and highly effective marketing strategies.

Most people today rely on the internet to purchase airline tickets but search engines favour large brands and those that advertise with the engine provider. Small companies find it difficult to move up the list of responses so that they quickly catch the eye of the prospective customer.

We cannot fix this new dynamic without industry wide change, but we are here for any member who has been affected by this closure. If any member needs our help and support with this, or any other work-related matter, just call.


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