IPA Pilots - British Airways Pilots | Yet to Join an Alternative Trade Union?

British Airways Pilots | Yet to Join an Alternative Trade Union?

We are thrilled to have welcomed numerous British Airways pilots to the IPA over the last two months.

If you are considering switching trade unions or are looking to join as a new member, it’s crucial to choose a trade union that provides you with comprehensive protection. Our core message remains: You have an alternative! 

To assist your decision, we've outlined some key considerations below. 

1.      Our Full 1 membership package, which is applicable to British Airways pilots, costs just £27 per month. We can achieve such competitive rates because we use our members funds efficiently, only spending money where necessary and in ways that benefit our members.

2.      You have a legal right to choose a trade union to represent you. We pride ourselves on offering honest, transparent advice from the outset by qualified IPA trade union officials. We use a case-by-case evaluation for representation, and unlike some other trade unions, we aren't restricted by a rigid 51% success criteria, so there are very few instances where we haven't represented our members.

3.      As a member of the IPA, you will feel confident knowing that you can have access to comprehensive worldwide legal protection for just £77.95 + IPT per year. We believe in giving you the flexibility to choose what suits you best, which is why this product is an optional addition to your basic membership. This coverage is in partnership with Air Crew Benefits, guaranteeing you the support of a secure, reliable and reasonably priced product.

4.      We know that having a colleague on your side can be just what you need, so in early 2024 we are introducing workplace delegates into British Airways. The role will serve as an additional support function, aiding the growth of our membership and assisting our strategy. This role is entirely voluntary, with workplace delegates dedicated solely to serving your best interests. 

5.      As the IPA is an HMRC approved professional organisation, members are able to claim tax relief on their membership payments. This can be done through a Self Assessment tax return or directly via the GOV.UK website.


Explore the wealth of information on our website to assist in your decision-making process. Should you require further information, feel free to contact us directly at office@ipapilot.com.

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