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Dear British Airways pilots,  

We are the Independent Pilots Association (IPA), and we have a simple message for you: You have an alternative

We are therefore pleased to announce a one-time ‘Welcome to the IPA’ offer – Two months complimentary membership for all new British Airways pilot members, the offer can only be applied when arranging membership via telephone (01444 441149) or email (office@ipapilot.com)

Hundreds of your colleagues have already chosen to become members of the IPA. We have spoken to our members, and it is evident that the 2023 pay deal has been poorly received by the pilot workforce. You have an alternative. We are the recognised trade union for other airlines and have been supporting the pilot workforce and our thousands of members for over 30 years. 

Throughout 2023, we have consistently achieved favourable outcomes for our members, and when necessary, led them through industrial action to do so. When conducting pay negotiations, we shield our members from corporate greed and stop at nothing to ensure they receive a fair pay deal. You can read more about this here

Question | Does your trade union do the same for you? 

We consistently hear that British Airways pilots are tired of the status quo union but feel powerless to make a change and think they have no other option. 

Question | Why continue paying fees if you are not being heard? 

You have an alternative. One that offers you unparalleled support, exceptional value and a professional service unhindered by airline politics and affiliation. 

We believe:  

  • You deserve a trade union that listens 

  • You deserve a trade union that represents you 

  • You deserve an alternative trade union 

The IPA | Your alternative trade union 

Benefits of the IPA: 

  • We have no affiliation with any UK operator.  

  • Our legal team work directly for the IPA. 

  • We offer unrivalled value at £27/month for Full 1 membership. 

  • You can call us directly on our dedicated support line.  

  • You can, and always will be, represented by an IPA trade union official. 

  • We are unhindered by airline politics. 

  • We provide full protection if pilots enter into lawful and official industrial action. 

Our endorsements: 

  • We hold a Certificate of Independence from the Certification Officer. 

  • We have thousands of happy members who rated us ‘Great’ in our latest membership survey. 



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Bespoke 'Welcome to the IPA' offer: From today, we are offering two months complimentary membership for new British Airways members. We are confident the service we offer outperforms other unions in terms of value, benefits and support. Take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to try us out. If you decide the IPA isn’t for you, simply cancel after two months. The offer can only be applied when arranging membership via telephone (01444 441149) or email (office@ipapilot.com)

Drop-in sessions: We understand that considering changing unions can be a time of apprehension that is often accompanied by several questions. 
We will be hosting multiple drop-in sessions with our General Secretary and legal team, offering you the opportunity to ask us any questions you have about membership with the IPA. Follow us on LinkedIn to find out more. 

IPA delegates within British Airways: We will shortly be reaching out to our current membership for expressions of interest in becoming an employee delegate. The role will have the following remit: 

  • Direct consultation with IPA officials for member issues 

  • Providing additional points of contact and support for our current members  

  • Sharing our success story with non-members to challenge the status quo 


The Independent Pilots (Financial Services)

The Independent Pilots (Financial Services) Ltd was set up for the IPA and are specialist Chartered Financial Planners dedicated to providing the very best tailored advice for our members.

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