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  • 04 May 2022

    As the aviation industry continues its recovery, it remains a very volatile time for our members.  The recent media coverage around delays at certain airports has been unhelpful, with airlines being blamed for matters that are in some cases out of their control.  Whilst it is u

  • 07 Mar 2022

    We are pleased to report that membership of the Independent Pilots Association (IPA) continues to grow.  As we (hopefully) now come out of the pandemic, the value of union membership is apparent.  The last two years have been spent working with members and operators to try and avoid the need for

  • Heathrow image
    12 Jan 2022

    2021 did not end in the way that any of us had hoped, in terms of where we wanted the aviation sector to be, or the ability to freely spend time with family and friends, unincumbered by the guidance to take a lateral flow test before leaving our homes to protect loved ones. 

  • 01 Nov 2021

    As the COP26 summit gets underway in Glasgow, the UK aviation industry continues its struggle to recover.

  • 25 Aug 2021

    After three attempts, I finally had the opportunity to travel through Gatwick Airport this month.  As I was flying within the UK, there was no requirement for PCR testing or passenger locator forms.  The process upon arriving at North terminal to disembarking the aeroplane in S

  • 09 Aug 2021

    Across all business sectors effort has been made to increase female representation in the workforce, and at all levels. In some businesses there has been success in others, including aviation, too little progress has been made.

  • 28 Jun 2021

    We often write about the benefits of IPA membership.  But we are now seeing a trend whereby increasing numbers of pilots are contacting us who are not union members, after the employment issue has arisen.  We cannot represent members who join us with a pre-existing employment iss

  • 21 Jun 2021

    The Travel Day of Action is taking place on 23 June 2021.  Since it quickly became apparent the impact that Covid 19 was going to have on the travel sector, the IPA has pushed for specific, targeted help for a sector that has been decimated over the last 18 months.  Responses from ministers have

  • 10 May 2021

    No one would wish to see a further lockdown in the UK.  However, with a ‘green list’ of only 12 countries and territories being published, the latest announcement from the Transport Minister fails to give the hope to the aviation sector that it so desperately needs. 

  • 14 Apr 2021

    The Global Travel Taskforce has published its further findings into the safe return to international travel following the 14 recommendations previously made by the GTT.  From the latest offering, it is clear to see why operators are frustrated and are looking at further delays


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The Independent Pilots (Financial Services) Ltd was set up for the IPA and are specialist Chartered Financial Planners dedicated to providing the very best tailored advice for our members.

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