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The Independent Pilots Association (IPA) is an association and trade union for professional pilots. Our members are commercial airline pilots, as well as flying instructors and those who fly a wealth of operations globally.

If you are thinking of joining a truly independent trade union, call us first.

IPA full 1 and 2 members can claim 50% of their annual subs. back Memberships start from £6.50 per month

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Welcome to the IPA

The Independent Pilots Association (IPA) is an airline pilots association and trade union for aviation professionals.  Our members are commercial airline pilots, as well as flying instructors and those who fly a wealth of operations globally.  Most of our work is based in the UK; and, if you fly under a UK contract as a full member of the IPA, we will be able to assist you in issues arising in your employment.

We are pleased to announce 2019 Annual General Meetings will be held at Brooklands Museum in Surrey Tuesday 30th April 2019.  Contact the office for further information.


Full 1 and 2 members   -  including Free emergency medical repatriation insurance.

Your membership fee includes up to £30,000 worth of legal cover (additional supplementary pilot legal expenses insurance available)


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IPA Achievements

  • In the last few weeks the IPA legal team have been working hard to gain recognition within a UK based helicopter service provider, we are pleased to announce this is now in place.  The IPA has a proven track record representing pilots from rotary and fixed wing sectors, most notably in 2016 gaining a fair outcome for a group of helicopter pilots under a TUPE transfer.

  • "I would like to thank you and the IPA for your time and effort in achieving a satisfactory and successful outcome. It has confirmed my confidence in the Association and I am pretty sure you have recruited a new future permanent member in my son"

  • “I just wanted to say a big thank you to the IPA for all the support and assistance it has given me over recent months when I was made the subject of an unfair redundancy process whilst on Maternity Leave. Had it not been for all the hard work of the IPA team I am sure I would not have received the settlement I did which will be a great help in keeping our family finances in shape over the coming months until I can get back to my passion and work, flying. Thank you”.

  • “The past six months have been challenging beyond belief but without your support I am sure I would now be trying to find new employment because of something of which I was, as you know entirely innocent. Your hard work commitment and perseverance were doubtless what led to the company seeing sense and not dismissing me for matters that were untrue and initially acted on in haste. You did a great job.”


  • What our members say.......


    “Yet again I’m impressed with your diligence to service, a reply on a bank holiday Sunday! I didn’t expect it but thanks”.   

    “In my former employment we approached the IPA to represent us formally by way of recognition which was successfully gained. I saw first-hand the excellent services provided by the IPA when I and several of my colleagues were faced with job losses.  After a successful outcome in the employment tribunal, I wanted to give something back to the IPA and became an IPA director".

 Shoulder of a Pilot sitting in the cockpit of an aeroplane

Airline Pilots Association

The IPA has been a professional pilots association for over 25 years.  We travel extensively across the UK to meet with and represent our members in person.  We work with our members, their employers, the CAA and other relevant bodies and organisations, to ensure that our members interests are protected across the aviation industry.  We are well aware of the challenges faced by our members, and work hard to provide the service our members expect and deserve from their professional pilot's association.

We are not a faceless organisation.  In our experience, it is vitally important that members receive a consistently high standard of service from our dedicated staff, whose only interest is to protect the interests of all our members, irrespective of who you fly for.


 Office full of staff working

Pilots Union

The pilots union assists full members with a broad, and often complex variety of employment issues.  We are with you every step of the way in your flying career, offering such services as contract review, representation at discipline, grievance or capability matters, and taking cases to an employment tribunal where appropriate.  We have a strong track record in achieving the best possible outcomes for our pilot union members.  We have, where requested by our members, sought and achieved recognition, and have experience of negotiating voluntary agreements, as well as seeking statutory recognition through the Central Arbitration Committee. 



The Independent Pilots (Financial Services)

The Independent Pilots (Financial Services) Ltd was set up for the IPA and are specialist Chartered Financial Planners dedicated to providing the very best tailored advice for our members.

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